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Grain By Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food By Bob Quinn

Deborah Madison on Sourdough and Whole Grain Cookbooks: There are a lot of them and they all seem to have their own approach. In my experience, find an author you like a lot and practice what they suggest. Otherwise it gets very confusing.
I like Sarah Owens’s books —Sourdough, Toast and Jam, and Heirloom.
Two bread cookbooks I like (though not about sourdough throughout) are:
The Italian Baker by Carol Field.  Uses a lot of biga and the recipes are wonderful.
The Breads of France: And How to Bake Them in Your Own Kitchen by Bernard Clayton.
Restoring Heritage Grains: The Culture biodiversity Resilience and Cuisine of Ancient Wheats by Eli Rogosa.
Bread : A Global History by William Rubel.  This slender volume is a history and the glossary in the back is utterly worth it. William Rubel is a scholar and this little book is part of The Edible Series.
Mother Grain by Roxana Julapat
Sourdough by Sarah Owens


Join Sarah Owens’s Patreon for lots of technique tips and tricks and resources for learning the alchemy and digestive benefits of natural leavening, fermentation, and preservation. Sarah’s Food52 sourdough instructions.

Andy Clark’s amazing blog. Andy passed away in November, 2022 Andy was owner of Moxie Bread Co and Moxie Feed and Seed in Boulder, CO. He was also executive director of Colorado Grain Chain. He was an early and influential voice for locally grown heritage grains. He will be missed.

Sarah Owens’s Food52 sourdough instructions